Much can be written about dog loyalty and love. Some people think that a good dose of affection is enough for their dog to be happy. It sounds great, but let’s face it: a dog, even the fluffiest and sweetest-eyed dog, is an animal with a whole set of needs. He certainly enjoys morning mats on the couch and cheese that will accidentally fall on the floor, but every dog owner should remember that you will show your pet a real feeling not by pampering him to the limit, but by providing such a life that he can simply be a dog. Here are some principles that we believe are the key to a great psi-human relationship.


1) First: get to know each other


When deciding on a particular breed, do not be guided by the appearance or fashion. After the fact, it may turn out that your imaginations have nothing to do with brutal reality. Therefore, when choosing a breed, be sure to talk to a few breeders or keepers who will openly tell you about its requirements, advantages and disadvantages. In this way, you have a chance to choose the best dog for your lifestyle and expectations. Also, remember to buy a dog only from a legal and good source, where the welfare and health of animals is taken care of. Of course, not every dog ​​must have a birth certificate and proven origin. Hostels and foundations are also full of fantastic animals. If any of the dogs in need steal your hearts, talk honestly with their owners. Also, ask about any problems that you will have to work with your pet. Knowing your pet’s needs as much as possible bodes well for the future. That is why we emphasize: buy or adopt consciously!


2) It’s not a Masterchef!


We know that most dogs pick their paws when they see scrambled eggs with bacon or an impressive pork chop. And while donating your portion of fries is the ultimate love for some people, it’s not the best you can provide for your dog. First of all, read the food ingredients – many popular brands from supermarkets are ordinary dog ​​fast food. This may mean that your pooch is overweight or is quite deficient. So where to get the knowledge about balanced nutrition of pets? Unfortunately, not every vet is a good dietician, so look for such information from experts or specialized groups on FB. Good quality food is the basis for your dog to be healthy, beautiful and full of energy.


3) Cheers!


The question of karma leads us directly to the topic of health. Admit it: when was the last time you had blood tests, ultrasound or X-ray of the joints on your dog? Many of us limit visits to the veterinary office to compulsory vaccinations or deworming. This is a bug. Regular tests, even blood tests, allow to detect any abnormalities at an early stage and start treatment immediately. With many diseases, time is at a premium, and quick reaction can make a difference in winning over the disease. In addition to the morphology, it is also worth checking the canine skeletal system – the X-ray will show whether the dog has joint degeneration or dysplasia, which, if ignored, may cause him pain after some time. Our advice? Introduce a simple rule to caring for your pet: nothing to see! Check your pooches regularly.


4) Myth of garden


The garden is a fantastic thing! Your own piece of greenery is something that cannot be overestimated, especially in the city. It works great when the dog asks for a toilet exit at dawn – a quick opening of the door does the trick. In addition, the garden is a perfect dog run! Are you sure? The stereotype that dogs tire in the block and need a house with a garden continues to this day. This is a very harmful belief, because the garden is not a substitute for a dog’s walks. Every quadruped, even the lazy type, needs exploration, which means that even a quick walk is better than letting the dog run free in the garden. In addition, a dog alone in the garden can come up with very harmful ideas, such as digging the garden or killing flower beds.


5) Do it together


How many times have you seen this sight: a dog walking on a leash in a concrete jungle, dragging a man staring at the smartphone screen? Sure, your dog needs walks, but think about how much nicer they would be if you put down the phone and focus on your pet? Mere pointless circulation between blocks is not enough for many dogs to meet their needs. How to make walks engaging and fun for both parties? Visit new places together to provide your dog (and you) with a variety of stimuli. The walk is also a great opportunity to learn tricks and obedience: it doesn’t do anything on the dog’s brain like summoning exercises, sitting beautifully, or jumping on unusual objects.


6) To stick this stick for you?


The image of a happy dog ​​running on a walk with a giant stick may be touching, but the world does not end with retrieving a stick. For many pets, mental fatigue is much better than physical fatigue. So how to take over the gray cells of your pupils? There are plenty of options! Dog sports are becoming more and more popular, and many people decide to take classes that perfectly match the specificity of the breed and the pet’s needs. IPO, obedience, dogfrisbee, agility, herding, tracking, coursing, dog dancing, canicross – these are just a few items from a wide range of possibilities. A dog that has enough excitement and exercises synapses regularly is definitely a happy dog. It is also difficult to underestimate the impact of joint sports on the relationship with your pet.


7) The art of communication


“My dog is terribly disobedient”, “my dog cannot be taught”, “my dog is jealous”, “my dog is mean” – these are the sentences that were uttered by many dog owners. We know that not everything goes smoothly, and caring for a pet is often associated with huge challenges and dedication. However, for the best life together, it is important to understand dog communication and body language. Instead of giving the pet human characteristics or behavior, let’s try to understand the motives of its behavior. It may turn out that we ourselves are responsible for the deepening of the problem, and that communication noise is to blame. Therefore, use professional literature and specialist blogs, and keep an open mind – it may turn out that you will have to revise some certainties or throw deeply rooted stereotypes into the bin. However, we assure you that it is worth it!



Marta Buzalska

Marta Buzalska

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